Looking Forward 2016-17

It's been a busy and exciting 2019! 

I've been performing with a wide variety of acts and styles.
The same goes for work in the studio. 
Here's a list of some of the projects I've working on...
I've completed a single 'Song For Haiti' with Dieufaite Charles

URL: https://www.reverbnation.com/Dieufaite 

It's a spiritual journey into the heart of this talented Haitian / Canadian, his personal perspective and the sitution in his homeland, Haiti, all told through his unique and soulful voice… 

I also completed a great jazz CD for Eva Schubert

On top of this, I'm continuing to pursue my dream of a local to international
Music Co-Operative Label / Management / Publishing / Artist Development Organization

"Now's The Time For Change!"


'Evolutionary Music Co-op'

This is a big idea whose time has come... 
Musicians are struggling more than ever. The music industry is forever changed.

EvMc aims to evolve the way music and business interact, with fairness for the artists!

EvMc, a sort of 21st century Motown 

 We will create new, ground-breaking opportunities for artists of all genres, cultures and ages.
We are encouraging industry professionals wanting to make a positive difference to join in this venture.
We want to revitalize the sagging fortunes of so many talented musicians and venues, who presently can't make a living wage doing what they do best.

Plus, we want to create new possibilities for music lovers and venues to enjoy and present great new music ... 

EvMc is the Evolution of the Music Industry!

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to contact me anytime....