A little bit about me

Bryant Didier is an active live performer, as well as an experienced Producer and Studio / Live Sound Engineer with 40 years of musical experience in clubs, concerts, theatre, dance, film and television. 

Presently, Bryant performs with a variety of singer / songwriters and ensembles, in various styles.

Recenty, Bryant has performed for:

Red Sky Performance at: The Canadian Stage Theatre and various large theatres across North America for an Indigenous inspired Dance Performance entitled 'TRACE. TRACE will be touring in the fall of 2020 through the American west coat an Hawaii.

The Tarragon Theatre in the play 'HARLEM DUET', performing upright bass in an orchestra of 2 (with Cellist Cymphoni Fantastique).

Over the years, Bryant has performed with such well-known artists such as: Tom Cochrane, Bruce Cockburn, Billy Bragg, Jane Siberry, Carole Pope, Molly Johnson, Shakura S’Aida and many, many more...

Bryant's main instrument is bass (electric and upright). He is also a guitarist, singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, studio and live sound engineer, music arranger, composer, improviser, recording studio owner, computer programmer, beat-maker, song writer, father, partner, evolutionary and much more...

Since 1989, Bryant has owned and operated B. Musique Productions / Studio, an intimate, boutique studio. B. Musique is geared primarily towards the recording and creation of new, original music for artists, film, television and other media.

After his battle to 'Save The Studio', which lasted almost 4 years, B. Musique Studio had to move from it's original location at 331 Bartlett Ave. (November 2018)

Bryant is currently setting up at a new location. News to come. And in the meantime, he is working out of various locations (LYNX, Silverthorn, etc).

Bryant is also the founding president of a new Music Co-Operative – Evolutionary Music Co-Operative -EvMc. A 21st century Motown non-profit music company. Visit them at EvMc.ca

Over the years, Bryant has worked with youth, the elderly, schools, unions, community and labour organizations, as well as in a wide variety of cultures and genres. Bryant is also a regular performer at the annual Labour Day Celebration at Toronto City Hall and he often performs on the CAW/UNIFOR Float.

Bryant believes that music is healing and unifying. He is consistently working towards growing and helping projects that help empower the powerless, give voice to the voiceless, feed the hungry and help make the world a better place...

Music is my passion. 
And I respect her delicate and simply-complex power.

Music is my passion. And I respect her delicate and simply-complex power.