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1170 Eglinton Ave. W (Rear Entrance)

24 Tracks of Pristine Audio

96KHz / 24Bit

The latest in Pro Software and Plug-Ins

An Amazing Selection of Mics and PreAmps

Great Live Room

Great Sound / Great Rates

And of course... Cool Vibes

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I am constantly learning that the path to fulfilling ones career and life dreams,
as well as maintaining a healthy and happy life
is rather simple…
"Do what you love,
do it with passion and dedication.
Do it to the very  best of your abilities
(and always with love).
 Respect the craft and your audience.
Give back when you can.
And be grateful!

So, dear visitor,

"Thank you for visiting my site!"

My skills and services include;
Composition / Recording / Production / Mixing and Mastering

I love working on great recordings
with creative, expressive artists - Like You!

My name is Bryant Didier (also known as 'B. Valentine'

To my friends, I'm just 'B'

You're welcome to call me B!

I've been making music of almost every style for a long time...
I've worked with artists from all over the world. And I've played almost every instrument invented

(some better than others... lol)

I love music with a deep and vibrant passion!
And I strive to create tracks that stand the test of time, in quality, production value, originality and vibe.

It would be my honor to help you make great recordings!

Hope to see you soon!